🚑Arius Ambulancejob

Experience the intensity of emergency response in Arius Ambulance Job 🚑! Transport patients, deliver critical care, and immerse yourself in hyper-realistic roleplay and more. Ready to be the hero on the front lines?

🔄 Frameworks

  • ESX


ðŸŽŊ Dependencies

  • ox_inventory

  • ox_target

ðŸ“Ē Features:

  • Create hospitals without any limitations.

  • Integrated death handling system.

  • Internal dispatch system for hospital service calls.

  • Realistic injury system.

  • Service garages for all your vehicle needs.

  • Convenient storage stashes for item management.

  • Private / Public shops.

  • Easy access to the Boss Menu.

  • Cloakrooms for changing into work clothes.

  • Usable stretchers for transporting injured players.

  • A variety of items for treating injuries.

  • NPC paramedics to heal players.

  • A handy medical bag to store emergency items.

  • Synchronized revive animation.

  • A quick /911 command for emergency calls.

  • Rewards for healing injuries.

  • Rewards for successful revivals.

  • A feature that allows player revival even in the absence of medics.

  • "revive [id]" command to revive specific players.

  • "revive [radius]" command to revive players within a defined area.

  • "heal [id]" command to heal specific players.

  • "heal [radius]" command to heal players within a designated area.

  • Respawn bed animation.

  • Saved deaths

  • Optimized idle (0.0 ms).

ðŸ”Ū Stay tuned for more exciting features coming soon!

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Feel free to provide suggestions and report any bugs you encounter. Your feedback is invaluable to us as we continue to improve the script. Enjoy!

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